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Book your school trip at Ouimet Farms Adventure this Fall. We reserve Thursdays and Fridays for School groups of 40
(minimum) or more. Admission is $12.50/ person plus HST.  Trip to the Farm includes Fun Zone, 6-acre corn maze, wagon ride,
a class pumpkin and educational information (pumpkin growth, corn growth, how to carve a maze).  Large covered picnic area
is ideal for a Fall lunch.  Open from 10 am - 2 pm. Book NOW, space is limited. Payment by credit card or cheque*
made in advance.(Sorry, no credit)

Group Events

Host your Corporate event at Ouimet Farms Adventure.  Need to build trust, develop strengths, have time to socialize as an
organization? Come try the GIANT corn maze.  Fresh air, sunshine and tall corn can make this an a-maze-ing time for your
staff. Having to communicate to find their way through the four kilometers of trails in the maze, will help develop bonding
between staff.  Large picnic areas are provided. Admission is $500 minimum plus HST for a group of 40 or less, $12.50/ person
plus HST for any extra visitors. Book NOW, space is limited.(Available Thursdays and Fridays until October 27th)
Alcool is NOT permitted on site!!!

Birthday Party

Planing a birthday party? Ouimet Farms Adventure can help plan an a-maze-ing
birthday party.  Play in the Fun Zone, have a wagon ride.   Spend time
finding your way through the maze.  Large covered picnic area.  Private tents
may be available. Bring your own picnic or arrange a lunch at the Burgershack
and get 10% off food purchases.
The birthday boy or girl gets in for free. (With advanced reservation)  
Special price for birthday groups is $13.25/ person plus HST.
(Available only during regular business hours.)

or call 613 678-2255